2019 Champ Nichole Boughner
Brooke Flash (3rd Place), Anne Connor (2nd Place) and 2019 Champ Nichole Boughner
2018 Champ and back to back winner, Anne Connor
2018 Top 3: Michele Connor (3rd place), Courtney Radick (2nd place) and Anne Connor (champ)
2017 Post Standard Women's Masters Champ Anne Connor and Runner Up Michele Connor
2016 PSWM Champion, Jennifer Creno
2016 Top 3 Finishers: Roseann DiFlorio (3rd); LaShanna White (2nd) and Champ Jennifer Creno
2015 Champ Teresa Hunt
2015 Top 3: Adrienne Turbeville (3rd); Champion Hunt; Jennifer Creno (2nd)
2013 Champ, Janice McCarthy
2013 Finalists: (left to right) Kassie O'Donaghy (3rd), Champion  Janice McCarthy, Runner-Up Tanya Williams
2012 Champ Courtney Radick
2011 Post Standard Women's Masters Champ, Tina Fabrizio and Tournament Director Mark MacBain
2011 Runner Up, Michele Connor
2011 Third place finisher, Lucetta Rosteck
2011 PSWM Finalists: Lucetta Rosteck (3rd), Michele Connor (2nd), Tina Fabrizio (Winner)
2010 Champion, Andrea Delbalso and Tournament Director Mark MacBain
Your top 3 finishers for 2010! Kim Flood (3rd), Champ Andrea Delbalso and Jen Creno (2nd)
2010 Champ Andrea Delbalso and Runner Up Jen Creno
2010 Runner Up, Jen Creno
2010 3rd Place Finisher Kim Flood with Tournament Director Mark MacBain
2009 Post Standard Women's Masters Champ, Donna Dwyre
2009 PSWM Runner Up, Michelle Edick, and Winner, Donna Dwyre
Qualifiers in the Masters Skins Game, l-r bottom row: Ro DiFlorio, Kristy Rapp, Adrienne Turbeville. Standing: Andi Hyle, Nicole O'Brien, Norine Faatz, Toni Radley, Courtney Radick
2008 PSWM Champ, Allie Rougeau and runner up Lisa Smith, with Tournament Director Mark MacBain
2008 Post Standard Women's Masters Champ, Allie Rougeau
2006 PSWM Champ, Ro DiFlorio and runner up, Mindy Vincitore
2006 PSWM Champ, Roseann DiFlorio
Roseann receiving her "big check"
Post Standard Women's Masters Gallery
Photo Galleries
2018 Champs Suzanne Kopcho-Carhart and Jay Carhart with runners-up, Brittney Sprague and TJ Mento
2017 Christmas Mixed Doubles Runners Up Kevin Smith and Kelly Leskoske and Champs Nick Morse and Beth Piston
2016 Christmas Doubles Champs, Mallory and Scott Stachnik
2015 Christmas Doubles Champs Jeff Cooper and Renee Hansen
2015 Champs, Cooper & Hansen with Runners Up, Nancy & Eric Ripka
2014 Christmas Doubles Champs, Autumn Groth & Joe DeSantis
2014 Christmas Doubles Finalists: 
Runners Up Pete Moro and Jen Creno (far left & right) with Champs Autumn Groth and Joe DeSantis between them.
2013 Christmas Doubles Champs Tina Becciu and Bill Timmons
2013 Finalists: Runners up Mark & (mom) Sherry McClusky and Champs Tina Becciu and Bill Timmons
2012 Christmas Mixed Doubles Tournament Champs Christine Episcopo and brother Cory Nichols
2012 Champs with Runners Up Rebecca O'Donnell and Derek Mango
2011 Christmas Mixed Doubles Champs Scott and Mallory Stachnik
2011 Christmas Doubles Finalists: Sam Ventura and Nicole Lafaver and Champs Scott and Mallory Stachnik
2010 Christmas  Mixed Doubles Champs, Scott Fello and Kelly Leskoske
Sammy V's Baker Bash 2010 Winners, Team Storm
2009 Christmas Doubles Tournament Winners Chris Zimmerman and Jeremy Macri
2009 Christmas Doubles Champs and Runners Up: Chris Zimmerman & Jeremy and Steve Temple & Mary Delvecchio
2008-2009 Syracuse USBC Junior Travel League Champs: Bowl Mor...L-R: Ron Fox III, Corey Flet, Bobby Moro, Brian Pelose, Ryan Betrand (sitting)
Baker Bash 2008 Champs: RJ Blanchard, Tim Lawton, Ron Clifford, Butch Van Gorden
Fun at Ball Night: Summer 2007 Adult Child League Banquet at Chiefs Stadium with Scootch!
Christmas Doubles Tournament Champs 2007, Diana Holter & Ray Berube
2008 Christmas Doubles Winners Jeremy Macri & Dawn Vaughan
2008 Christmas Doubles Winners with runners up (2 years in a row), Nancy Ripka and son Eric Ripka
2006 Alibi Tournament: Runner Up Jen Creno, Mark MacBain, and Tournament Champ Ann Moore
Miscellaneous Tournaments & Other Pics
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